Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Legalizing Medical Marijuana in San Diego Helps Tax Revenue

A projection of sales tax revenue from legalizing marijuana in California is over half a billion annually. San Diego County did not have a legally licensed way to purchase medical marijuana until July 1st, 2014 when Outliers Collective (OUTCO) opened for business in El Cajon. Legal licensing allows patients to receive safe and tested medicine adhering to zoning laws and permits with tax collection to give back to the community.

Californians benefit from state and local funds for the success of their community. Seventy percent of tax revenue goes back to local use. 50% goes to education, 30% going to health and human services and 10% going to law enforcement and corrections.

Since 1980 has increased 1400% or four times the increased rate of other spending by the state government.(Source) One important addition to legalization of marijuana would include a savings in millions of dollars by a reduction in law enforcement for possession crimes. (Source) California stands to also save millions on reduced drug enforcement for small drug possession crimes with a yes vote on Proposition 47 that will be voted on November 4, 2014.(Source) Crime rates of theft have reduced by 5% in Colorado since the inception of legalization of recreational marijuana.(Source) Legally licensed dispensaries increase visibility of the establishment and reduces hidden shops that can lead to crime and unsafe conditions.

Legalizing marijuana sales offers numerous jobs to the community. Since Colorado's recreational marijuana legalization, 10,000 jobs were added and they enjoy the lowest unemployment rate since the beginning of the recession, 6%.(Source) Marijuana employees payroll tax deductions will bring in an additional revenue to the state. Additional contracted people will be hired like architects, construction and many other industries will benefit from the added growth and building needed for this growing industry.



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