Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kingpen Vapor

Kingpen 710 Vapor Cartridges for Cannabis
Kingpen Vape

Kingpen Vapor Cartridges

Kingpen Vapor uses a solventless extract of THC using polyethylene glycol. It offers the highest quality of cannabis oil with each cartridge containing lab tested medicine for each specific strain. OUTCO in El Cajon San Diego currently offers 6 strains of Kingpen Cartridges:

King Louie – An indica strain that is an OG Kush Phenotype. It is also known as Louis the XIII. King Louie gives an earthy pine smell with a spicy taste. Patients describe the benefits of this strain to include; chronic pain, insomnia and heavy relaxation.

Trainwreck – A hybrid strain that has Mexican and Thai sativa roots mixed with an afghani indica. Trainwreck has a lemon and pine taste. Patients describe the strain as starting out with an energetic high that gives way to a relaxing sedation. This strain helps treatment in anxiety, PTSD and ADD\ADHD.

Green Crack – A sativa dominant hybrid that originates from Skunk #1 and afghani strains. Also known as Green Kush it has traditional sativa effects of giving energy and focus. Patients describe Green Crack as helping with energy, stress and depression. This strain gives a tangy citrus smell and taste.

3 Kings – A sativa hybrid that originates from Headband, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. 3 Kings gives a tangy sour taste that is very potent. Patients describe it as giving an energizing effect that re-leaves pain, stress and nausea.

Skywalker OG – An indica dominant strains that gives a blueberry fruity smell and taste. Typical to indica strains, Skywalker OG gives a full body relaxation. Patients describe it as helping with relaxation, pain and insomnia.

Jack Herer – A sativa dominant taste that matches the mans energy that it was named after. Jack Herer is a cross between the strains Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. It gives a spicy pine scent and taste. Patients describe it as helping with depression, creativity and stress.


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