Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Outliers Collective Proudly Carries Cibaderm Personal Care Products

Topical Lotions and Hair Care Cibaderm Hemp CBD Products
Cibaderm Hemp CBD Lotions and Hair Care

Cibaderm Hemp CBD Lotion and Hair Care Products

Cibaderm Hemp CBD lotions and hair care are now available in San Diego at Outliers Collective. Their signature extraction of the hemp plant makes your nails, skin and hair healthier and radiant. The steam-distilled botanicals soothe your skin and hair to nourish and protect.

Cibaderm Hemp Hydrate Hand Cream
One of the quickest way to show your age is in the delicate skin on your hands. Cibaderms Hemp CBD Complex hydrates and protects the skin. Powerful antioxidants like Vitamin E help to protect from sun damage and reduce signs of aging.

Cibaderm Hemp Nourish Body Lotion
Cibaderms Body Lotion brings your skin back to a baby soft and smooth feeling. It absorbs quick with a superb moisturizing formula to relieve dry skin.

Cibaderm Hemp Fresh Body Wash
Cibaderm Body Wash is great for showering to make your skin feel energized. It soothes the mind and body with it's rich botanicals to give your skin its natural glow.

Cibaderm Hemp Soft Conditioner
Cibaderm Conditioner strengthens while conditions the hair naturally. Added botanicals give full day protection from the sun, wind and hair products. Great for all hair types, the weightless conditioner reveals your hairs shine.

Cibaderm Hemp Clean Shampoo
Great for all hair types the Cibaderm Shampoo gives back your hairs luminescence. Free from harsh chemicals and sulfates it gives a cleansing that allows your hair to be manageable. Cibaderms Shampoo can be used with color or treated hair.

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