Friday, March 13, 2015

Spliffin Pure Vape Products

Spliffin Pure Vape Products Offering 70% THC Potency in marijuana
Spliffin Pure Vape Products

Spliffin Pure

OUTCO offers Spliffin Pure concentrate cartridges for Vape Pens in San Diego. The Spliffin Pure line of extracts average 700mg of THC per cartridge. They are rich in a terpene profile with a powerful 70% THC potency.

Available in indica andsativa strains Spliffen products are in high demand and can sell out quickly. The varieties of strains offer different treatments and effects:

Spliffin Pure Sativa Strains

Spliffin Pure Tangie Vape Cartridges in San Diego
Tangie Spliffin Pure
Tangie - Also known as Tangerine Dream this strain is a sweet fruity citrus taste and smell. Originating from the 2013 Cannabis Cup winner the effects give a euphoric high that patients describe as helping with pain and relaxation.

Spliffin Pure Jack Herer Vape Cartridges in San Diego
Jack Herer Spliffin Pure
Jack Herer – Jack Herer is stong and spicy just like the famous cannabis activist. This sativa strain provides a euphoric elevated effect to give clear and creative thoughts.

Spliffin Pure Super Lemon Haze Vape Cartridges in San Diego
Super Lemon Haze Spliffin Pure

Super Lemon Haze – Like the name refers this strain gives a powerful tart and citrus punch. Patients describe it as energizing and uplifting to give a euphoric high.



Spliffin Pure Indica Strains

Spliffin Pure Donna OG Vape Cartridges in San Diego
Donna OG Spliffin Pure
Donna OG – Spliffin's own unique cross between two OG strains give a potent indica sedation. With a sweet pine scent the effects stimulate appetite and reduce depression giving relief to pain and anxiety.

Spliffin Pure Spliffin OG Vape Cartridges in San Diego
Spliffin OG
Spliffin OG – A classic OG crossed with Larry OG gives a floral dream like experience. Proprietary only to Spliffin, patients describe the strain as great for relieving stress and helping with insomnia.


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