Thursday, October 9, 2014

Different Kinds of Joints

blunt, windmill, cross, tulip, spliff, joint, pinner
Different Kinds of Marijuana Joints

Joint – A regular style joint.

Pinner or Pin Joint – Thin personal joint.

L” Joint – 2 papers, one cut in half and glued to make a longer joint that is thicker on the end.

Inside Out or Back Roll – Glue side down, wrap around once and burn the excess paper. Makes a healthier, less carcinogenic joint.

Spliff – Tobacco mixed with cannabis.

Dutch Tulip – Large cherry made with two papers glued together and then folded and glued again to make a triangle. Then opened up and filled with cannabis to be tied to a cardboard for smoking.

Cross, or Holy Cross – Famed by the movie “Pineapple Express” is a 3 headed joint that a hole is cut to meet up with the lead cardboard and wrapped with paper glue to stay in place.

Windmill – A reusable cardboard cylinder that is wrapped with paper and closed at the top with paper. For joints stuck into the large cylinder.

Blunt – A cigar paper re-rolled with cannabis.


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