Monday, October 13, 2014

Different Ways of Consuming Cannabis

Depending on your lifestyle, medical need and preference there are many ways to consume cannabis. Patients may find for their specific need that a certain way is better than another. OUTCO in San Diego has a knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the method based on other patients experience.

Smoking Cannabis

Smoking is the oldest form of consuming marijuana by using the dried flowers, hash and kief ( compressed resin glands, more potent than flowers ). Smoking by joint, pipe, water pipe or bong are the methods of smoking cannabis. Depending on the amount and potency the effects last form 2-4 hours.

A study from study sponsored by California NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) smoking an unfiltered joint or a pipe was more healthy than a water pipe. The reasoning was that more of the psycho active drug was filtered out than other tars, making one have to smoke more to reach the desired high.

The water pipe resulted in 30% more tar than an unfiltered joint. A filtered cigarette performed 30% less effective at delivering the medicine. Researchers suggest that the cannabinoids being sticky do not get through the filter. A pipe with an electric mixer performed the worst.

High potency can allow the patients to get the desired amount of medicine with less smoking. Choosing a strain that has a higher THC content can reduce the tars inhaled. (Source)


Vape Pens is the new way of consuming marijuana and the popularity has good reason. Vaporizers are devices that give the medicine at a lower temperature to allow inhaling a vapor rather than a smoke. The method patients describe as working twice as fast without feeling the results of a burning sensation in the throat like smoking, so it is warned to go at slow at first. (Source)

Vaporizers using an electric hotplate method seemed to be the most effective, performing 25% more effective than an unfiltered joint. However the hot air gun vaporizer has a hot water filter which diminished the effective only performing as well as an unfiltered joint.(Source)


Topicals come in many forms that are applied to the skin and are non psycho active. They can be in the form of lotions, salves, balms, sprays, oils and creams. Patients prefer topicals to treat rheumatoid arthritis, migraine, restless leg syndrome, muscle spasms, stress and soreness giving an anti-inflammatory effect. Cannabis is lipophilic, meaning it can be dissolved in a fat-soluble that can absorb into cell membranes. Ingesting marijuana takes the medicine goes through stomach acids and digestive enzymes before entering the blood stream losing some of it's effectiveness and making you drowsy. Topically cannabis can enter the bloodstream quicker and more effectively and avoiding side effects.(Source) Rick Simpson was one of the pioneers of marijuana in the topical form, known for making Rick Simpson Oil.


Tinctures are a highly concentrated form on cannabis in alcohol. They can be just the THC form, the CBD form or a mixture. Applied under the tongue or mixed in a beverage it is another delivery method of consumption.


Edibles are commonly known as cannabis that is infused into butter or oil and cooked into food. Edibles take longer to take effect, so users need to be aware to not consume too much. It can take 20 minutes to an hour  to take effect and last up to four hours or longer. Most describe it as a overall body relaxation rather than a cerebral head high. (Source)

The THC component only gives the psychoactive high when heated, ingesting it raw is a way to receive many of the benefits without the high. Blending it with other vegetables and fruits to make a smoothie takes out the bitterness and more palatable to eat raw.(Source)


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