Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Benefits of Cannabis with Cerebral Palsy

3 Stories on how Marijuana Helps Cerebral Palsy

Evidence suggests that marijuana can help treat the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy. People with Cerebral Palsy experience spastic muscles, tremors, speech impediments, pain and rigidity of muscles.

Seth Green who suffers from Cerebral Palsy has found relief of his symptoms with medical marijuana. He lived in Tennessee where medical marijuana was not an option. Through Healthy Hopes he was able to attain treatment for his symptoms with cannabis. Seth plans to move to a legal medical marijuana state and run for a state representative position.(Source)

In the country of India cannabis is used to treat speech impediments.(Source) One example of this treatment is Jacqueline Patterson who suffers from Cerebral Palsy in Kansas City where medical marijuana is illegal. Her debilitating speech impediment is greatly reduced by cannabis. She can control the muscles in her mouth with cannabis medicine.(Source)

Terri Argast suffers from the muscle rigidity of Cerebral Palsy. She takes 9 pills in the morning and 12 at night to treat the symptoms. Living in Missouri she does not have access to medical marijuana. When she tried cannabis her symptoms where relieved with no side effects. She is an advocate for the legalization so she can treat her Cerebral Palsy with marijuana. (Source)



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