Monday, December 15, 2014

What is 2-AG and Does it Relate to Cannabis?

   2-Arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG) is the most abundant endocannaboinoid messenger molecule that effects the TRPV1, CB1 and CB2 receptor. 2-AG is 170 times the concentration of anandamide which also effects the same receptors. 2-AG is naturally created in humans and also found in human and cattle milk. (Source)

   So why does this matter? Because 2-AG and anandamide is created on-demand naturally by the body, and an imbalance to the body to produce too much or little is thought to lead to disorders. Drug therapies that target the CB1, CB2 receptors bring the body back to a balance where 2-AG is lacking.(Source) It is theorized that diseases such as bipolar(Source) and alzheimer's(Source) could occur from an imbalance of 2-AG being created in the body.

   The nerve cells affected by 2-AG control body temperature, appetite, memory, mood, inflammation, immunity and the sensation of heat and pain. Studies show that it may inhibit cancer cell formation. 2-AG is created from 20-carbon essential fatty acids (EFA). Cannabis is a good source of EFA's that mimics 2-AG functions.(Source)

   Cannabis drug therapies have been developed to treat symptoms of many problems by mimicking the 2-AG messenger molecule. Some examples of treatment are for memory, pain, nausea, wasting syndrome, cancer, spasticity from multiple sclerosis and tremors from Parkinson's disease.

   2-AG plays an important role in traumatic brain injuries. When a brain injury occurs 2-AG has been found to be elevated. A study with mice was done where they gave a drug to boost the levels of 2-AG after a brain injury. The results were a quicker recovery, reduced inflammation, swelling and brain cell death.(Source)



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