Friday, January 23, 2015

Harlequin Strain

The Harlequin Strain of Marijuana is rich in CBD cannabinoids
Harlequin Marijuana Strain is High in CBD

Harlequin strain is for patients of medical marijuana looking for high pain relief. Harlequin is known for its high potency of the cannabinoid CBD. A ratio of 5:2 CBD to THC gives medication that is low in psycho-active sedation. Having some THC allows for the analgesic to be more effective than other strains that are void of THC. Harlequin is 75% sativa dominant which gives the effects of alertness while giving the ability to relax.

The Harlequin strain is a cross between the Columbian Gold, Swiss and Thai sativa with a Nepalese Indica Landrace strain. The smell has been described as sweet and tropical while the taste is fairly bland to sweet. The buds are thick with trichome orange hairs which overtake the green in the bud. Most strains while being cultivated increase in CBD while maturing. Harlequin is unique in that its highest concentration of CBD is earlier and diminishes with maturity.

OUTCO typically stocks Harlequin as a tincture for patients. Our staff in El Cajon just outside of San Diego is knowledgeable and compassionate to care for their members needs. Patients describe Harlequin for helping pain, seizures, anxiety, stress, nausea and muscle spasms. Please stop by or contact us for individual attention to your questions and needs.



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