Thursday, January 22, 2015

How Cannabis Helps with Creativity

One common trait of famous people in society is their ability to be creative. Marijuana has been known for enhancing creativity. There is scientific basis evidence to support the correlation to cannabis and thinking outside the box. Many famous artists have admitted to the use of marijuana.

Alice Flaherty from the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School researched how creativity worked in the brain. Different parts of the brain work on creativity in different ways to give balance. The Frontal Lobe judges ideas and decides the values of the idea and divergent thinking. The Temporal Lobe gives idea generation with no concern about quality.(Source)

Research has shown that the frontal lobe activity increases with a rise in cerebral blood flow (CBF).(Source) Smoking cannabis increases Cerebral blood flow. Studies have shown that the CBF peaks thirty minutes after smoking.(Source)

An increase in dopamine allows for the mind to have more inhibited and novel thoughts.(Source) Cannabis has been shown to increase dopamine levels.(Source) Dopamine allows the brain to disregard outside “white noise” stimulus. This allows the brain to focus on a certain thought and enhance all of the possibilities giving to creativity.(Source)

It's not a surprise that popular figures in society benefit from the use of cannabis. On the TV show 60 Minutes Lady Gaga told the reporter “I smoke a lot of pot when I write music.” Marijuana residue was found in pipe fragments of William Shakespeare's garden. Carl Sagan was a big advocate to marijuana and the decriminalizing of it in society. Bill Gates was known to smoke weed in college and a strong advocate for legalizing marijuana in his state of Washington.(Source)


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