Thursday, February 19, 2015

710 in the Cannabis Community

710 is oil spelled backwards in the marijuana community
710 Hash Oil

Recently the number 710 has become a number associated with the cannabis community. It is used as a code to represent hash oil. 710 upside down spells OIL. July 10th and 7:10 pm have a new popular time to use marijuana in the concentrated form. Hash oil, honey oil and wax are extracted potent forms of cannabinoids made from the marijuana plant.(Source)

July 10th has become popularized as “Dab Day”. A Dab is a single hit of concentrate. Colorado has a 710 Cup Expo that celebrates dabbing with guest speakers, glass blowing and workshops.(Source)
Concentrates have become in high demand for the efficiency, potency, cost effective and discreet method of receiving marijuana.


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