Monday, February 23, 2015

Beta Myrcene is the Most Common Terpene in Cannabis

Beta Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis. It has a spicy herbal scent that is known to aid in treatment to pain, inflammation and muscle relaxation. This terepene is also found in bay leaves, eucalyptus, hops, lemongrass, mangos, parsley and thyme. The high amount of β-Myrcene in Indica strains are what give the “couch-lock” sedative effect.(Source)

Myrcene, or β-myrcene is a monoterpene which is a volatile compound that evaporates quickly with exposure to air. It is known as an essential oil for its fragrance and is used for menthol and citronella products. Cannabis strains that contain high amounts of Beta Myrcene are White Widow and Neville's Haze.(Source)

The benefits of Beta Myrcene are found in it's analgesic, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, sedative and ability to reduce muscle spasms. Lemon grass tea is known for it's pain relieving effects due to it's high content in β-myrcene. Studies with high content of Myrcene in mice have shown a sedative quality. The terpene has a unique ability to intesify the effects of the CB1 receptors in the body which helps in inflammation and pain relief.

Myrcene lowers the resisistance across the blood brain barrier. This effect makes other chemicals like THC to absorb and take effect more quickly. Indica strains in cannabis offer a .5% or greater potency in myrcene allowing for better delivery of THC and it's effects. Sativa strains typically contain less than .5% which allows the effects to be more subtle. It has been found that eating a mango a half hour before smoking cannabis increases the psycho active effects for it's high content of β-Myrcene.


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