Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How Marijuana Helps with Depression

Daily and weekly recreational users of marijuana report in surveys they are less depressed. Cannabis users with medical conditions report having symptoms of depression that may be related to there condition.(Source) Studies have found no correlation to marijuana causing depression.(Source)

Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are increasingly becoming legal state by state. Statistics of states that have legalized show sharp decreases in suicide rates. States that legalize marijuana have an eleven percent decrease in suicide rate for males 20-29 years old. Research has shown that there is a correlation of suicide and alcohol abuse. Studies have also concluded that the availability of marijuana reduces alcohol consumption. It is still unclear if this drop is from marijuana, or from decrease use of alcohol.(Source)

The Arizona Department of Health took surveys of their patients that dealt with debilitating medical conditions. The patients describe cannabis helping to diminish symptoms and alter there mood to reduce depression. George McMahon suffering from illness said “The elevated mood associated with cannabis definitely affected my health in a positive manner. I was more engaged with life. I took walks and rode my bike, things I never considered doing before in my depressed state, even if I had been physically capable. I ate regular meals and I slept better at night. All of these individual factors contributed to a better overall sense of well-being." (Source)

Patients with bipolar describe notable improvement to stabilizing their moods with medical cannabis. They report a slow down to the cycle of manic to depression states improving overall mood. The amount of time feeling depressed is reduced significantly. (Source)

Many have used cannabis to treat mood disorders such as anxiety, PMS, depression and bipolar disorder. Early writings in the 19th century report using cannabis to improve depression and mood. Reducing pain and other uncomfortable conditions with cannabis can also improve mood.(Source)


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