Friday, July 17, 2015

Cannabis Increases Melatonin

In 1986, an Italian study found that marijuana dramatically increases melatonin. Research has shown a link between cancer prevention and melatonin therapies. (Source) Recently melatonin was discovered in bone marrow. As such, it has an additional benefit of increasing immunity.(Source)

Melatonin is a hormone that regulates bodily functions for timed events. For example, feeling sleepy at night and naturally waking up in the morning is regulated by melatonin. A decreased amount of melatonin can disrupt sleep and lead to insomnia. Melatonin also regulates blood pressure and influences the reproduction cycle.(Source)

When cannabis increases the prostaglandin PGE2 levels, it also increases your melatonin. The production of PGE2 stimulates a rise in melatonin levels in the body. The aforementioned Italian study found that the cannabinoid THC increased melatonin levels 20 minutes after consumption. After two hours of smoking cannabis, the melatonin levels were 4,000% higher than the baseline. (Source)



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