Thursday, July 16, 2015

Why Marinol is Not the Same as Medical Marijuana

Marinol is a THC-derived medicine that has been available in America since 1985 for prescription use. The FDA-approved pill is taken orally and can treat nausea and increase appetite for cancer and AIDS patients. Users explain that Marinol and medical marijuana are nothing alike.

Marinol contains only one cannabinoid from the marijuana plant, THC. (Source) While many patients seek the pain relief qualities that THC provides, cannabis contains numerous other cannabinoids and terpenes that work synergisticly in medical marijuana. The combination of compounds found in cannabis is thought to offer an “Entourage Effectwhich makes pure cannabis more beneficial.

Marinol, an oral medication, requires up to ninety minutes to generate an effect. Patients can easily mis-dose themselves due to the time lag. Many patients prefer smoking or vaping marijuana for the immediate relief and dosage control. Medical marijuana can be smoked, providing relief in less than a minute. This allows for patients to receive a dosage that fits the symptom immediately without overdosing. (Source)

People who suffer from nausea complain that keeping the Marinol pills down can be difficult. Once ingested, the metabolism reduces effectiveness, only allowing 5-10% of the THC into the bloodstream. The effects can take up to 4 hours to peak, resulting in delayed relief or improper dosage.

The cost for the drug Marinol is also more expensive than medical marijuana. Marinol can cost $200-800 depending on dosage. The increased cost can dissuade patients from using this medication. A survey found that 33% of patients did not use Marinol due to its high cost. (Source)

Overall, studies show that patients prefer medical marijuana over Marinol. A study done by the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy showed a 23% higher success rate for treating symptoms with medical marijuana than with THC capsules. Research conducted in New Mexico found that 90% of patients improved by smoking marijuana while only 60% of oral THC medication showed improvement. In a New York State study, 29% of patients who did not see improvements with oral THC medication saw measured improvements from smoking marijuana. (Source)



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