Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Men Vs. Women when Using Marijuana

Research has discovered that men and women may experience different results when using marijuana. A 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that men are 50% more likely to have smoked marijuana in the last month then women. (Source) It's believed that cannabis responds to estrogen differently than testosterone, which is the reason why the effects differ by gender.

A 2014 Washington State University study showed that female rats experience greater negative side effects after cannabis usage than male rats. The females showed a greater sensitivity to painkilling properties which made the cannabis more effective. The adverse development of tolerance with females also made them more likely to become dependent on the drug. During ovulation, increased estrogen resulted in greater sensitivity.(Source)

Margaret Haney at the Columbia University Medical Center has studied female usage of cannabis and withdrawal. Due to their increased dependence, she has shown that withdrawal can be more severe for women. Lack of appetite, insomnia, and irritability has reported to be more severe in women who stop using marijuana. She states that the only sensitivity experienced by men after using marijuana is an increased appetite.



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