Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Outliers Collective Proudly Carries Platinum Vape

Vap CO2 oils Platinum Vape
Platinum Vape
Platinum Vape Premium CO2 Oils are now in stock at Outliers Collective in El Cajon. Platinum Vape is locally made in San Diego California. They offer a wide variety of indica, sativa and hybrid strains at a compassionate price.

Platinum Vape uses state of the art technology to offer a premium quality CO2 oil. This method give a clean solvent-free medicine that is consistent. The THC content levels are 20-30% more potent than the industry leaders in CO2 oil. This allows the user to have a smaller dose of medicine to achieve relief.

OUTCO offers a wide assortment of Platinum Vape strains. These include AK-47, Blue Dream, Bruce Banner, Chocolope, Girl Scout Cookie, Godfather OG, Headband, J1, LSD, Maui Waui, and NYC Diesel.


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