Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Benefits of Nerolidol in Cannabis

Nerolidol is a naturally occurring terpene in Cannabis as well as ginger, jasmine, lavender and tea tree. The aroma smells like a woody bark and is used as an essential oil in many products. Nerolidol is useful in transdermal delivery of other cannabinoids in the cells.(Source) Nerolidol contributes to the complete medicine of the cannabis plant in the entourage effect.

Nerolidol is a sequiterpene which means it is a more stable chemical structure than other terepenes. It gives sedative properties that treats insomnia. Its absorption through the skin helps facilitate topical applications for skin conditions or pain.(Source) Nerolidol in studies has also shown to have anti-fungal properties and reduce infection of Malaria.(Source)



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