Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Country of Bhutan and Cannabis

The Cannabis plant is so prolific in Bhutan it grows like a weed in the countryside. Nestled in the Himalaya mountains Bhutan flourishes in a sativa type of cannabis called Thimphu. This variation of cannabis is rich in cannabinoids. Traditionally the country people saw no benefit in the plant medicinally and used it as feed for their pigs. They liked the use of cannabis for pigs because it allowed the swine to feed without rapidly getting fat.

The introduction of television was the first sign to the Bhutan people that cannabis was used as an intoxicant. This led to a large increase in youth to start using it as a drug. The new fascination with cannabis did not flourish and usage today is very rare. Historically Bhutan used cannabis minimally while the neighbor countries used it more widely. There is evidence they used hemp cord to make bow strings and a small amount of textiles. The Bhutanese preferred other sources for their paper and textiles.

There have been no references to medicinal Cannabis use in Bhutan. This is unique because the neighboring countries of China, Tibet, and Arurvedic medicine use it widely. Some medicinal treatments are secret to the ingredients. Their is speculation that cannabis is hidden in the medicine to avoid public scrutiny.(Source)

The Bhutanese practice Vajrayana Buddhism prohibits any intoxicant. The religion dates back in Bhutan to the 17th century and is thought to be the main reason cannabis isn't consumed. Today the religion is less predominant leading to signs of cultivation of cannabis and smuggling.


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