Thursday, April 23, 2015

Treatment of Migraine Headaches with Cannabis

Marijuana use for treatment with migraines
Cannabis Use with Migraines

People have been using cannabis to treat migraines for thousands of years. Clinical studies have not been conducted to give support to marijuana as treatment. Many people who suffer from headaches are trying cannabis for treatment in migraines from other patients recommendations and the low side-effects. Some doctors recommend Marinol (cannabis pill) for treating the symptoms of headaches.(Source)

Sufferers of migraines can experience sensitivity to light, nausea, and pain. Clinical studies have shown that marijuana helps with nausea and pain. Their is not conclusive research on marijuana helping with light sensitivity. A study found that with 1085 users of marijuana, only 6 reported that it increased sensitivity to light. All 6 patients had been using marijuana for over five years before reporting this problem.(Source)

Notable Doctors and marijuana activists endorsed marijuana for treatment of migraines. Activist Jack Herer's book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” stated:

"Because migraine headaches are the result of artery spasms combined with over-relaxation of veins, the vascular changes cannabis causes in the covering of the brain (the meninges) usually make migraines disappear."

Philip Denney MD who is Co-founder of a medical cannabis evaluation practice stated in June 2, 2005 Whittier Daily News :

"Cannabis is one of the best medicines for migraines. It's so effective - it works rapidly, and it has limited toxicity, although lung damage from smoking is a concern."
Ethan Russo MD who is the Senior Medical Advisor at the Cannabinoid Research Institute stated in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics:

"In closing, a unique dance of medical science and politics is occurring that will soon decide whether herbal cannabis (a derivative, or synthetic analogue) will rise like the legendary phoenix to resume an ancient role as a remedy for migraine and neuropathic pain."
And finally David L. Bearman MD stated in a letter to the Los Angeles City Beat,:
"Not only are there thousands of migraine patients who benefit from cannabis, but cannabis has been cited by such historical medical luminaries as Sir William Osler, M.D. (considered the father of modern medicine) and Dr. Morris Fishbein (long-time editor of JAMA) as the best treatment for migraines (back in the days before the Congress ignored the AMA and over the AMA’s objection, passed the Marijuana Tax Act)."