Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cannabis Use in Veterinary Medicine

marijuana in cannabis medicine
Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine
Cannabis is becoming popular with animal medicine. Many pets suffer from chronic ailments that give them pain and lack of appetite. Dispensaries are mainstreaming medicine for animals to bring back their quality of life.

Marijuana is a safe, natural and effective medicine. Access to cannabis is difficult with current federal regulations. Current man-made drugs have been found to have adverse side-effects.

Dr. Kramer, a veterinarian in California conducted a survey of pet owners that administered cannabis to their pets. He discovered marijuana was given to pets to treat behavior disorders as well as health problems. Cannabis treatments among these pets included; separation anxiety, noise-phobia, immune deficiency, irritable bowels, pain management, nausea, appetite stimulant and control of seizures. Tinctures, capsules and topicals for tumors and skin rashes were the most popular administration methods of the medicine.(Source)

Research, regulation and consistent standards are in infancy stages for pet medicine. Narda Robinson, director for the Center of Comparative and Integrative Medicine is studying the safety and dosage for animals. They have set up an email for pet owners who have used cannabis to share their findings at Veterinarians caution offering treatment to pets without consultation.


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