Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Benefits of the Terepene Isopulegol in Cannabis

Isopulegol in Cannabis gives a minty odor and flavor. Found in eucalyptus it is a chemical compound formed from cintronellal to make a monoterpene. It's menthol properties gives a soothing taste and sensation that is calming.

Health benefits are minimal as it is usually found in low concentrations. The menthol scent can overpower the other medicinal properties.(Source) Isopulegol along with other menthol oils have shown to give a cooling effect, be anti-inflammatory, an emollient, aid in breathing and ease from aches and pains. It has the ability to target the nerve receptor TRPV1 to extend sensory feelings.(Source)

Research shows promising benefits with isopulegol for the gastrointestinal tract as well as reducing seizures. Ulcers were found to be improved by prostaglandins, K(ATP) channel openings and antioxidant properties.(Source) Seizures were found to be reduced for isopulegols ability to affect the GABA system and it's antioxidants.(Source)



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