Friday, May 29, 2015

Sue Sisley

Suzanne “Sue” Sisley is at the forefront of medical marijuana research. In December 2014 Dr Sisley received a 2 million dollar grant from the Colorado Board of Health to study medical marijuana treatment for veterans with PTSD. Colorado approved $7.6 million in studies for medical marijuana becoming the largest amount granted for cannabis research from any state.

Colorado legislature created the Medical Marijuana Scientific Advisory Council to establish funds for research. This fund reserves money from marijuana sales for researching the effectiveness of marijuana for medical treatment.

Sue Sisley was previously a psychology professor at the University of Arizona. Sisley explained her study: "This is a triple-blind randomized control trial, where we're looking at 80 veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD, which means they have to have failed at least drug therapy or psychotherapy, or both."

Sue Sisley says her first problem for doing this research is procuring cannabidiol rich marijuana. Frustration from regulation has made this hard with cannabis for research only available from the University of Mississippi. Marijuana at this federally funded location does not match the high quality of medication found at local dispensaries.

Sue Sisley is dedicated to finding the benefits of medical marijuana. She states that the approval by the FDA of marijuana as medicine will allow insurance companies to pay for marijuana medications. Sisley goes on to say that grants funded by the government allows for the most unbiased research to show the benefits and risks.


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