Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Testimonial - PMDD

Medical Marijuana Testimonial Just having the ability to acquire medicinal marijuana is worth as much as the relief it brings. My main complaint is pain, and since pain equals weakness, I prefer going to a controlled environment where my meds have been tested. This way I know for a fact what it is that I'm buying, no guess work required. Better yet, there's no middle-man, no stranger on the street, and violence is virtually unheard of among regular users such as myself. Now, if we could just get them tested for pesticides, mold and fungi, AND have Medicare pay for it...
Strains you Like Ringo's Gift, J-1, Candy Jack, ATF
Conditions ADD
Bipolar Disorder
Symptoms Anxiety
Loss of Appetite
Pain: MuscleJoint
Pain: Neuropathic
Other PMDD is what I have, it just hasn't been able to be verified.


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