Monday, November 17, 2014

Cannabis Has a Good Reputation by Many

Reports are showing up that make it clear that medical marijuana has a good reputation. And the results of the elections in the United States reflect this, but also the research studies. The 2014 Gallop poll shows that more people are in favor of legalizing marijuana in the country. (Source)

A study was done in California in 2012 of the medical use of marijuana and it's benefits. About 5% of the adult population stated that they had used marijuana and 92% believed that it helped to treat medical conditions. Placebo's generally show a 30% of benefits, so the fact that it was overwhelmingly positive results shows a need and a benefit for medical marijuana in the community. Gender, education, age, ethnic and region showed consistent findings and the prevalence across all demographics. (Source)

A Survey was conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine in which 1,446 doctors form 72 countries and 56 states and provinces in North America commented on whether they would recommend medical marijuana for treatment. Seventy – Six percent of the voters approved marijuana for medical use in North America, 78% in Europe and Latin America. (Source)

In 2014 WebMD did a survey of 1,544 doctors the issue of legalizing medical marijuana for benefits to patients. The Doctors were from 12 specialties from 48 states that found 69% agreed that cannabis can help with treatment for medical conditions. (Source)

A Fox News Poll showed in 2013 that 85% of the votes were in favor nationwide for medical marijuana. 1,010 of the voters agreed that medical marijuana prescribed by a physician should be legal, which is more than 3 out of every 4 americans. (Source)

An NBC News/ Wall Street Journal Poll results showed that most americans believed that alcohol, sugar and tobacco are more unhealthy than consuming marijuana. Tobacco was the highest preceived threat to health of 49% followed by alcohol at 24%, sugar at 15% and lastly marijuana at only 8%. (Source)


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