Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cannabis Hemp Seed Aids in Body Immunity with Globulin Edistin

Many seeds offer the essential acids needed for life like flax seed and hemp seeds, however hemp seeds are the only seed that contain 65% of globulin edistin, the highest percentage in any plant known. Globular proteins are all enzymes, antibodies, many hormones, hemoglobin and fibrogin that aid in maintaining and immunity for the body.

Globulin and albumin, also found in seeds, are a plasma protein that is in liquid form through blood that supplies nutrients to tissues. Serum globulin is a solid that is in reserve for being a plasma protein to be available quickly should body tissue be needed. Globulins initialize enzyme functions in the plasma to make antibodies to combat antigens that invade the body, neutralizing them. (source)

Edistin Protein is phosphorus free and aids in digestion. It is very similar to the globulin found in blood plasma, so is compatible and no reported food allergies. Albumin protein (35% in hemp seeds) is a glubulin protein also found in egg whites. It helps as an antioxidant to combat free radical damage. (source)

Globulin is classified as alpha, beta or gamma. Alpha and beta transport in the body to repair and build the proteins in the body. Gamma globulins are further classified as five different types of antibodies. These target specific antigens, to help immunity with infection and disease. White blood cells create the immuniglobulins and are located in the lymph nodes. Typically the invading antigens pass through the lymph nodes before entering the blood stream, our bodies way of filtering out the antigens.

Having the essential amount of amino acids in the body is crucial for creating globulins during digestion. If the body is deficient in certain amino acids, it may not be able to make the necessary immunoglobulins. Because of this, eating foods rich in globulins gives the assurance of having all of the essential nutrients needed to give the body immunity and repel infection.(source)

Cannabis is a nutritious food source offering along with globulin edistin, it contains essential Fatty acids, and all 9 essential amino acids.


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