Thursday, November 13, 2014

San Fernando Valley OG Kush

San Fernando Valley OG Kush

San Fernando Valley OG Kush, is also known as SFV OG Kush. The origins of the Kush is Chemdawg crossed with Lemon Thai and Hindu Kush made by Cali Connection. A pine, lemon and diesel taste with a high THC and CBD percentage, it is a favorite with many patients. The strain is well balanced for a sativa like euphoria with a relaxing indica effect. Many like the strain for being able to use midday without making you too drowsy and unable to concentrate. It is also a good nightime strain though to allow you to relax without putting you to bed. Patients describe SFV OG Kush for treatment with anxiety, arthritis, depression, stress and headaches. offers a variety of strains, contact us today for more information on ordering.


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