Monday, November 10, 2014

White Fire OG, also WIFI OG

White Fire OG

A 2010 and 2014 Cannabis Cup Champion, the White Fire OG is a hybrid from Karma Genetics. The strain is a cross between Fire SFV OG Kush and the Krome's The White. It is also known as WIFI OG. Known for it's high potency and lively taste, the Krome's The White addition adds a muted and musky taste. The flavor tastes much like the aroma with OG flavor of pine and lemon with a smoky musky aftertaste that lingers. Depending on the particular variation it will be Fire OG dominant will be more slending and pointed leaf structure while White dominant will be more white in the trichomes with a stout bud appearance. Regarded as the highest potency of OG strains, makes a head rush and heavy limbs with up to 20% THC potency that offer social and happy while in higher doses could be for relaxation. Patients describe it as treating stress, depression, pain relief with increased appetite and relaxation. offers a variety of strains, contact us today for more information on ordering.

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