Friday, June 12, 2015

A New DEA Lead Holds Promise for Marijuana

Chuck Rosenberg was appointed as the new DEA’s administrator this month. He is quoted as saying that he will spend less time and money restricting marijuana access. His efforts are reported to focus more on heroin and harder drugs. (Source)

A public scandal has led to a change in leadership of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Former DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart stepped down after DEA was found hiring prostitutes and leaving a man in jail without food or water for five days. The Obama administration chose Chuck Rosenberg, former chief of staff to FBI Director James B. Comey.

Many advocates for marijuana are cautiously optimistic of the DEA power shift. The past administrator, Leonhart, enforced the restriction of marijuana. President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have played a hands-off role in regards to marijuana enforcement. Chuck Rosenberg shows promise on working together with the Obama administration in order to allow the states to regulate marijuana.


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