Thursday, June 11, 2015

Montel Williams Supports Medical Marijuana

Television personality Montel Williams has many reasons to support medical marijuana use. With past military service, Williams is an advocate for Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access. (Source) He's a spokesman for the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) which emphasizes the desire for access to medication to all. Montel Williams also suffers from multiple sclerosis and uses medical marijuana for treatment.

In 2011, Montel Williams helped start a marijuana dispensary in Sacramento, California. He advocates for regulation, quality, and safe dispensary of medical marijuana. His efforts focus on people who medically need cannabis, not those who use marijuana for recreational use.(Source)

Montel Williams was a daytime talk-show host for seventeen years but his advocacy for medical marijuana did not begin until after the show. He was arrested in 2011 for possession of marijuana and subsequently released. He recognizes marijuana as an integral part to his treatment for multiple sclerosis:

"For immediate cessation I smoke it," Williams says. "Most of the time I eat it at night because I suffer from extreme tremors in the evening and I also suffer from extreme neuralgic pain in my feet. If I eat it in the evening it takes [the pain] from a six to about a three. When I pop out of bed, I'm normally at my best, so that's when I work out and I try to get as much work done early in the day. As I get later on in the day, my feet start to go on fire. When they start to hit the fire mark I'm easing my pain, it's just that simple. I've been speaking to politicians all around the country and all around the world on this issue and you'd be surprised that more people understand and back it and believe in it." (Source)


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