Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What to Expect with the First Time using Marijuana

Many patients who turn to marijuana for conditions such as cancer are generally novices at using marijuana. Trying marijuana for the first time can lead to emotions like fear and anxiety, along with feeling alone. Luckily, our society has a high acceptance for the use of medical marijuana.

Getting a doctor’s recommendation is the first step to your treatment. Find a legally compliant medical marijuana dispensary by asking your doctor in your area or searching online. For example, OUTCO is the first legally compliant dispensary in San Diego, California. You will need to bring your medical recommendation and valid a California ID with you to the dispensary. Set aside some time for your first visit so you can talk to the dispensary staff about your conditions.

Marijuana comes in many different forms as well as different potencies. Different marijuana flowers will give various treatment results. They will explain the differences between Sativa and Indica strains, the delivery methods to use cannabis (smoking, concentrate, tincture, raw, or in edible form) should also be considered

Your first time with marijuana may yield different results than a frequent user.  As you practice and gain experience, your body will build endocannabinoid receptors that accept the medicine more readily.(Source) Use in small doses and increase slowly to get the desired treatment. This process is especially important with edibles as it may take longer to feel the effects of this method.

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