Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sniffing your Treatment

Terpenes make up the fragrant smells of cannabis. Each terpene has a distinct odor and specific therapeutic properties. By smelling the cannabis flower, you may be able to figure out what treatment it provides!

Marijuana Treatment with Terpenes for essential oils based on odor
Terepene Treatments Based on Smell

The Top 10 Terpenes found in Cannabis

Alpha Pinene – Gives off a pungent turpentine odor; reduces THC psychosis effects in cannabis. Beneficial as an anti-inflammatory while reducing pain. Helps bacteria infections, asthma, memory retention, and also slows cancer tumor growth.

Borneol – Has a camphor smell; helps with wound-healing, including fibrosis. Aids in delivering treatment by improving absorption through the blood-brain barrier.

β-Caryophyllene - Has a peppery scent; cannabinoid effects the CB2 receptor to help with anxiety, inflammation, perception of pain, autoimmune disorders, and depression. Acts as a neuroprotectant and reduces alcohol consumption.

Cineole \ Eucalyptol – Smells similar to rosemary with notes of spicy camphor; increases the absorption and circulation of medicine.

P-CymeneHas a fresh, carroty odor that is antimicrobial and anti-fungal; helps to relax muscles, including cardiac muscles, which can lead to lower blood pressure.

Delta 3 Carene – Gives off a pine scent; acts as an antihistamine, eliciting a calming feeling to aid in well being. Has anti-inflammatory properties and acts as a nervous system depressant; serves as a great complementary treatment for anxiety and insomnia.

IsopulegolGives off a minty menthol smell; also has a cooling effect, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that help with breathing, pain, ulcers, and seizures.

LimoneneHas a strong citrus scent; works like a cleanser to dissolve gallstones, reduces reflux/heartburn and cholesterol while destroying cancer. Is an anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory while detoxification properties help the liver. Improves mood, weight management, and sleep.

LinaloolReleases a spicy floral fragrance; reduces stress, pain, convulsions, and treats burns.

Nerolidol – Has a woody bark smell; acts as a sedative. Absorbed through skin to aid topical medication. Has anti-fungal properties while reducing malaria infections.


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