Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dr. William Courtney

Dr. William Courtney is an advocate for consuming raw cannabis. He is a proponent for eating fresh marijuana flowers for their therapeutic and nutritional value. The psycho-active quality of marijuana is not present in the raw flowers, allowing consumers to continue with their daily activities unimpaired.

Raw cannabis has healing properties without the dangers of smoking. The cannabinoids CBGa, CBCa, THCa, and CBDa are present in raw cannabis that hasn't been aged. Tinctures with high potency of these cannabinoids can be made without the threat of psycho-active side effects. Dr. Courtney states that a tolerable dose of 10 mg limits THC from being as beneficial as THCa, which can have a dose of 100-200 times greater.(Source)

The essential fatty acids, essential amino acids, and phyto-cannabinoids are the focus of Dr. Courtney's mission to popularize the use of cannabis in a daily diet. He’s working to find a minimum daily requirement guide for raw cannabis to be included in health maintenance. He is part of Cannabis International Foundation which supports an international treaty for cannabis to be recognized as a dietary supplement. (Source)

Dr. William Courtney has recently been in the press for aiding in treatment of a baby’s cancer. The child’s parents used the suggestion from Dr. Courtney to apply CBD oil on the baby’s pacifier. The goal was to reduce an inoperable brain tumor in an eight month old baby. The results were outstanding - the tumor shrunk, allowing the child to thrive. Dr. Courtney stated that “this child... is not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation... currently the child's being called a miracle baby. (Source)

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