Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How Marijuana Policy Project Has Helped Legalize Marijuana

MMP - Marijunaa Policy Project Logo
Marijuana Policy Project (MMP) is the largest policy reform group in the United States. Co-founders Chuck Thomas, Mike Krishner and Rob Kampia broke off from NORML in 1995 to create MMP. Currently they have 32,000 dues-paying members and a budget of over five million annually. The goal of MMP is to lobby for state/federal laws, decriminalize marijuana and education.

Marijuana Policy Project has been successful on legislation at the state and federal level. They employ two lobbyists in Washington D.C as well as other lobbyists at the state level. MMP was integral in the legalization of marijuana in Colorado in 2012 and Alaska in 2014.

Becoming involved with MMP allows you to be apart of the legal process in making marijuana legal. In the United Sates currently there are more arrests for possession than all violent crimes combined. (Source)


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